What Clients Say

Anh is a truly caring and thorough practitioner, who makes sure your well being is put first in the treatments. She spends a significant amount of time at the first visit discussing your concerns and issues, and starts each subsequent session with a similar process. She is gentle, calming and often doing a little something extra, whether a quick neck massage, cupping or moxa in addition to the acupuncture.

Even though I am not a fan of needles (and yes, sometimes they zing), I know that the tradition of acupuncture has been around far longer than modern medicine. This method is not plagued by the side effects so often seen with the pills and treatments in Western treatments—and, it just flat out works.

I believe a portion of the success I am seeing and feeling is because acupuncture is a proven method for healing; but the rest is attributed to Anh. I couldn’t imagine trusting my health to anyone else.

Brady Rubenstein

I highly recommended Anh as a Chinese Medicine and acupuncture practitioner to help treat your health problems, in one of the most natural ways. Not only is she professionally trained as a certified Chinese Medicine and acupuncture practitioner, she cares about her patients like family and treats them with patience and understanding. She learns about her patients’ bodies and health problems in order to treat them in the best ways to help them get healthier.

After analyzation and treatment by specialists with no improvements, I began acupuncture with Anh about 6 months ago for my chronic food allergy. She has provided many types of treatment to improve my body chemical imbalance. Now, my body has been regulating and maintaining a sufficient daily energy level. I would continue to see Anh regularly for treatments to keep my body healthy and become healthier.

Tina Su

Anh is a caring, compassionate practitioner, one who takes the time to know her patients before treating them. She has helped me in three different ways:

First, she helped me to go from being unable to walk more than a few steps, to now being able to walk more than 10 miles a day with no pain!

Second, Anh has helped me tremendously with my weight loss program. My son was getting married, and I wanted to loss some weight. Thanks to the acupuncture treatments, I have lost 30 pounds in 9 months!

Lastly, I am always amazed that when I have a headache, Anh puts in one needle, and within 5 minutes, the headache—which no amount of Tylenol would help—is completely gone!

Debbi Raphael

I highly recommend Anh to any prospective patients. After many years of searching for a good acupuncturist, I was thrilled to find someone as knowledgeable and caring as her. Anh really listens to her patient’s concerns and is always happy to answer any questions. She creates customized treatment plans based on each patient’s own individual needs. With the level of care that she provides, it is really easy to see that she loves her occupation and enjoys helping others.

Diane Curtis

Anh is very knowledgeable in the science of Oriental Medicine. She has resolved ailments for me where Western medicine has failed. I highly recommend Anh in the art of acupuncture.

Leo Labordeta

I began receiving acupuncture treatments with Anh in June 2007. I wish I had begun sooner!

My gynecologist had recommended acupuncture to me (twice) for relief of insomnia due to perimenopausal hormonal imbalances. I had experienced countless nights of very little sleep. I tried every natural remedy I knew of. I was determined not to engage in hormone replacement therapy or sleeping pills.

I started with a couple acupuncture treatments a week. I noticed an improvement within days. I can go for months now with good sleep. Occasionally I return for a treatment or two if the insomnia recurs.

Anh is very good about explaining everything to me. Though a little skeptical at first, she makes me feel comfortable and knowledgeable at all our appointments. She takes her time with me when we meet. I value the nutritional and herbal advice that Anh shares with me.

Now that I know how beautifully acupuncture works, I have no need to use prescription drugs. I am very thankful for this.

Mary Harrold

I went to Anh for my infertility issue and I took her treatments along with IVF. I am very pleased with Anh’s services and knowledge of acupuncture. She also knew your body and mind very well and use that knowledge to do acupuncture as per body’s requirements.

She also is very flexible about her schedule. I remembered I needed acupuncture in early morning before IVF procedure and she was going to Texas that morning, she came to office early morning for me. I am big believer of acupuncture treatments. I am very happy to tell you finally I got pregnant with acupuncture and IVF


I have been very pleased with the acupuncture treatments I have received from Anh at Points of Wellness. I believe the treatment really helps me optimize my health and is great preventative medicine!

Crystal Maleski

I am so excited about my results under Anh’s care. I really wasn’t sure what to expect with acupuncture, but now I am a true believer.

I constantly had acne on my face, and it was very painful. I went to a couple of doctors who ran tests and said everything was fine. Well, it wasn’t fine and you could see it on my face. I was finally sent to a dermatologist and put on drugs for six weeks.

Upon completing the medicine the acne returned in full force. I saw Anh for treatment and could see that my face was clearing immediately — without drugs. I had been struggling with this for over two years and wish I had gone earlier.

Not only has Anh helped my complexion, she has also done wonders for my back, neck and balanced my energy. I was usually exhausted and in bed by 9:00 p.m. Now, I am no longer tired when I put the kids down for bed and can actually spend quality time with my husband.

Anh is a great listener, very compassionate, caring and professional. She even checks on me to see how I am doing between appointments. Anh is truly a ’certified’ gem!

Connie Snider

I have been going to Anh for about three years now. I can’t say enough about how lucky I am to get to go to her each week. Anh has helped me with anxiety, stress, and immunity. She has also helped my lung function so that I am able to compete in anything from a 5K to a half-marathon. I love that Anh takes time to really get to know you. She is a wonderful help with the acupuncture, but also gives nutritional advice or recommends supplements to keep you healthy. My appointment with Anh is a highlight in my week!

Karen W.

It’s not often that I would write a testimonial for a medical practitioner. In my experience, they are usually about spending the least amount of time they can with you in order to maximize their billing. From the very first visit, I knew Anh was different. She took the time to learn about me and the issues I was experiencing with my Crohn’s. I had been receiving Western-based treatment for over three months (including a colonoscopy and a endoscopy) without relief. In less than two weeks of Anh treating me, I was seeing improvement of the symptoms and full relief in a month. I highly recommend her skills and the way she runs her practice.


I started to receive treatment with Anh about three months ago. I was experiencing severe night sweats which did not allow me to get a good nightÕs sleep, along with pain and swelling in my left hand due to a ganglion cyst. I had never received acupuncture before and was a bit apprehensive. Anh sat with me during our entire first session to ensure that I felt comfortable. After my first treatment, I slept better than I had in many months. Since my first session, my night sweats and hot flashes have disappeared and the pain and swelling in my hand is greatly relieved.

Anh is a consummate, caring professional. She not only relieves pain, but stress as well — I am so relaxed after her treatments; they are a bright spot in my busy life. She has also recommended supplements to assist in keeping me healthy.

I greatly appreciate her proactive approach to wellness and her compassion. I highly recommend her services.


Anh is very caring and comforting, right from the first meeting. I felt comfortable with her straight away. Anh is very good at explaining things, such as what might be going on beyond just treating with needles. She uses cupping and scraping along with or instead of needles. This depends on what the issue is and what modality will work best for you. One of the bet parts from a treatment with Anh, is the homework she has for you so you can continue treatment yourself at home before seeing her again. I highly recommend seeing Anh as she has helped me enormously with many different issues, including stress, muscles spasms and Restless Leg Syndrome.

Wendi K.